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Welcome to Omamma Voice, a publication of Awo-Omamma Development Forum (ADF). In this edition, we present to you the vision, mission and works of ADF for its peoples and communities.

This edition of the Magazine presents to you some of the social-cultural events, histories and traditions of Awo-Omamma community and its peoples. As a pressure group seeking and delivering amicable solutions to social justice issues in its bid to promote political and economic empowerment, we have sought to understand the works and views of some political representatives of the area. Please take time to read the various views and opinions of some stakeholders about Awo-Omamma and issues in the area in the interviews. 

Enjoy the premier edition of our pride magazine. As we are determined to improve, please feel free to leave us your comments and areas of improvements on!! 


Morgan Orioha, BEng, MSc.
A Social Justice and True Democracy Activist resident in UK.

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