Morgan K Orioha, is an author, engineer, a unionist, community developer, globalist, an editor and public affairs influencer. Married to Thelma Orioha, he was born on July 02, 1981 in Awo-omamma, Nigeria. He naturalised in the UK in December 2017.

Professional Associations:

He is a member of International Association of Energy Economics (IAEE). He promotes energy, trade and environmental policies and economic opportunities favourable to the economic growth of developing African economies and those of their foreign allies. He advocates for global prosperity driven by, eradication of electricity poverty, and inflow of Foreign Direct Investments into developing economies, and building of free trade blocs. As a trade unionist, Morgan is with the Communications Workers Union in the UK.

Politics and Position:

He is currently a member of Conservative Party of the UK. As a student leader, Morgan was Chairman of Faculty of Engineering Students (2002), Political Adviser to Student Union Government (SUG) President (2003), and Presidential Candidate in the annulled SUG election of 2004. He has served his community development association, Awo-omamma Development Forum, (ADF), in various capacities including as Chairman of the Publications and Award Committee, Editor of the “Omamma Voice Magazine, and member of the Literature and Culture promotion committee. Morgan is a member of the Board of Directors of Forward Thinkers Foundation, a non-profit Nigerian organisation. He has served the organisation as Director of Communications, and Finance respectively.


Morgan escaped Bankruptcy in 2017 through an Individual Voluntary Arrangement, (IVA). By 20th April 2017, his IVA, proposal was approved by his creditors and the process commenced officially on 30th of April 2017. By 1st of March 2018, his creditors accepted the full and final settlement offer. On 8th March 2018, the full and final settlement offer was paid for closure of the debt management process.

Political Philosophy:

He is a liberal democrat and an advocate of globalisation and free-trade. He says that “every Nigerian deserves better conditions of life, fairness, and democratic freedom.” Morgan thinks that “Nigeria requires some vital political and economic reforms to improve the lives of the people and grow the economy”. Morgan says that more can be done “by Nigerian State to empower our young people and the less privileged economically and only modernisers can deliver that”.

Religious Beliefs:

Morgan is a Pentecostal Christian. He believes in social justice, religious freedom and tolerance. He stands in solidarity with those persecuted for their non-violent beliefs across the globe. His favourite Pentecostal ministries and mentors include those of Evangelist Joel Osteen, Uma Ukpai, Dr Celestine Iwendi and Jonathan Conrathe.
Education, Professional Certifications and Employment: Morgan was awarded MSc in Mobile and Satellite Communications by the University of Glamorgan, the UK in 2008. In 2005, he bagged Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Anambra State University. He is certified in ITIL and Prince2 for Project Management. Morgan Orioha has worked in various engineering settings including Telecommunications Communications, Electrical and Electronic Manufacturing, and Testing environments.