As 2019 general elections draw nearer, many leaders are emerging. But an exquisite leader, who can find? He is much more to be deserved than an idealistic leader. With him, his constituency is developed; with him, his people are gainfully employed; with him, the ageing is assisted; with him,  the indigent is sponsored; with him, the poor are empowered; and with him, the society becomes a better place for all of us.

From Umuezukwe, Awo-Ommama, Morgan Kelechukwu Orioha is the visionary leader everyone who truly needs sustainable development of communities should support. Morgan, born on the 2nd of July 1981, is an icon par excellence. He is not just a vibrant gentleman but a paragon who understands the economic and political plights of his people, thereby determined to drive positive changes. A sociopolitical crusader, Morgan oftentimes comments on issues of national and international concerns. He leaves no stone unturned whenever he offers his opinions on those issues that affect humanity. “Every Nigerian deserves better conditions of life, fairness, and democratic freedom,” remarks Morgan.

Morgan Orioha
Morgan Orioha

Popularly known as MKO, Morgan is a leader of a large heart. As a nonesuch, he believes a good leader should not only be patriotic but also ethical and practically take care of the needs of the people he/she serves. Living by this principle, he continues to offer mentorship and educational scholarships to indigent students at various levels. As a progressive eidolon, Morgan joins other like-minded forces to recommend for employment the less privileged in his community and beyond. This is because he believes in a society where poverty and hardships, unemployment and crimes, hunger and starvation, violence, and their likes are reduced to a minimal level. Furthermore, Morgan believes in and practices religious freedom and tolerance. He stands in solidarity with those persecuted across the globe for their non-violent religious beliefs. Collaborating with progressives, MKO is relentless in empowering youths and the ageing through entrepreneurial training and human capacity building. No wonder why he believes power belongs to the people.

Politically, Morgan is inspired by world leaders such as David Cameron, whom he calls a role model; Theresa May, Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Barack Obama, Tony Blair, Angela Merkel and Nigeria’s Olusegun Obasanjo. A Pentecostal Christian, Morgan draws his strength from God. He calls Rev (Dr) Uma Ukpai his mentor and spiritual director whom God uses to help him navigate through tough life events. According to Morgan, one of his great friends and colleagues, an accomplished Financial Accountant, Alan Knight, would say to him, “Your trust in God surely works for you, Captain.”

In 2007, Morgan benefitted from the UK benevolent policy for foreign students. Following his graduation in 2008, as an economic migrant, Morgan earned his British citizenship in 2017. He is grateful to the UK, a country that did not only open its borders to him, as a student and migrant but gave him the opportunity to practice his career as well as apply and strengthen his talents and purpose.

Married to Thelma Orioha, who now has two children for him, Morgan comes from a unique family background known for its philanthropic gestures. MKO understands the heart of human experience. He promotes energy, trade and environmental policies; economic opportunities favourable to the growth of Nigerian and African economies as well as those of their foreign allies. He strongly believes in global prosperity, eradication of electricity poverty, and foreign direct investments in developing economies driven by the building of free trade blocs for the establishment of a quality economy. He stands for equity and equality, social justice and fair play, and all that represents the rule of law. As an activist per liberal democrat, he is also a defender of the fundamental human rights of the common man, hence his many constructive blogs on public affairs. He is not just a prolific freelancer but also an experienced engineer and community developer. With humility and confidence, he has served in various capacities, especially as Chairman of Publications and Awards as well as Chief Editor for the Awo-Omamma Development Forum (ADF) Int’l Annual Magazine.

In 2005, Morgan Kelechukwu Orioha bagged Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Anambra State University. He was awarded MSc in Mobile and Satellite Communications by the University of Glamorgan, UK in 2008. He is a member, International Association of Energy Economics (IAEE). Though young, MKO is never new in politics. He was the Chairman of Faculty of Engineering and presidential aspirant for the Anambra State University Students’ Union Government in 2002 and 2004 respectively. MKO knows his onions. Little wonder why he was appointed an adviser on Political Affairs to the then SUG President in 2003 where he worked with the government to overcome a stormy season. Morgan is a member of the Communications Workers Union (CWU) in the UK. Thus, as a trade unionist, Morgan fights for better welfare packages of workers. A member, Board of Directors of Forward Thinkers Foundation (a non-profit organisation), Morgan remains a doyen of a better Nigeria.

Notwithstanding, Morgan nearly went bankrupt in 2017. Thanks to the UK Government Intervention Programme – IVA – which rescued him from his creditors! A year into the debt management process which commenced on 30th April 2017, he successfully negotiated his early exit and closure of the IVA with his creditors and Insolvency Supervisor. No doubt, an eagle has landed! More is expected of a courageous man whose leadership experience, integrity, honesty, and abilities are tested and trusted. Morgan is not afraid to bring value to his constituency. A man of vision; a man of mission, MKO is a servant to the core; the man of the people, not a ruler. Not only has he become a friend of humanity, Morgan Kelechukwu Orioha (MKO) has also come to bring dividends of democracy closest to our doorsteps by contributing to vital and urgent reforms our dear country, Nigeria, needs.

Echezona Ononukwe writes from Abuja via