Ekeleke Dance in Awo-omamma

A Story of Awo-omamma History. Written by Joseph Uchenna

The consciousness of a people’s history enriched by cultural awareness is indeed the pride of any group who may have realized and identified with their oneness as a family, community, tribe, nation, or race. In essence, the sense of commonality and oneness is transferred from one generation to another as a history, culture and solidarity. Awo-omamma is indeed no exception as a community and a people. Read more

njaba Awo-omamma road

A History of Awo-omamma Written By Charles Abazie

Awo Omamma has evolved from an agrarian community of farmlands to one of the most transcendent towns in Imo State of Nigeria. And, this was not accidental Long before government intervention in rural communities , the people of Awo Omamma had eagerly and energetically embarked on a journey to self – help, giving them a head start in communal grass-root organization.Read more