ADF Annual Report for the year 2017
from the Secretariat: 15/01/2018

The renovated ACH maternity ward
The renovated ACH maternity ward.

The Awo-omamma Development Forum ADF has finally come to stay; has significantly stimulated other sister associations to keep doing what they are doing for the development of our ONLY hometown.

ADF came into 2017 with a new government led by President Tony Akuneme.

Kudos of a successful ADF goes to its ever generous and financial members, who have remained supportive to every dreams and objective of the “Glorious Exco”.

Just as it’s adopted culture, ADF picks and completes at least one major project alongside other minor developmental projects every year; and the Awo-omamma Community Hospital ACH became the project for 2017.
About three million naira(3m) was contributed by ADF members and part (detailed in a financial report) expended on the renovation of ACH maternity ward which was met at a very dilapidated state. The renovation entailed: tiling, change of PVC ceiling, electrification/replacement of essential electrical appliances, change of window-nets, painting, affixing of curtains, etc.

Through the ADF literacy interventions, all the youths who indicated interest for 2017-JAMB registration were aided, and to encourage them, Scholarships were granted to those who scaled through the Sir Herbert Orioha Foundation SHOF scholarship exercise, conducted by ADF ad-hoc.

Voter-registration was enhanced, and voting strength re-enforced in Awo-omamma by ADF.

More to ensure continued unity and oneness amongst the Omammas, ADF conducted its 2nd International convention, otherwise known as AWO-OMAMMA DAY on the 28th December 2017 @ Luton Villa Hotels.

The convention featured:
▪Commissioning of ACH maternity ward, which took place in the morning of the convention day.

▪Cultural reforms conference

▪ Magazine launch (2nd edition of Omamma voice)

▪ADF Award for excellence.

The convention experienced a great turnout of participants who included:
▫Ndị Eze
▫Ndị Nze na Ozo
▫Ndị Chief
▫Families from home and from abroad
▫Umuada Awo-omamma married to places
▫Numerous friends of Awo-omamma.

During the convention, the people of Awo-omamma agreed and endorsed a “unified marriage list and a burial list” to be used across all the 13-villages of Awo-omamma.
The lists became binding as copies were sent to each village through their respective President Generals.

ADF recognized 26 awardees (dead and alive), who were decorated with meritorious awards of excellence in community development respectively; a bid to encouraging self-help in community development.

The magazine launch was a significant indication of a renewed spirit of involvement; as members who already spent so much on flight and fuel coming home, still launched the Omamma magazine with hundreds of thousands of naira, an indeed a commendable move which triggered other nonmembers to launch the magazine in like-tones.
The magazine which was made of the highest printing materials remains in circulation for launch/sale.

There was great refreshment (food and drinks) and satisfaction from entertainments by our guest artiste Mustard Seed, an Awo-omamma born upcoming artist based in Lagos and others.

The December was indeed fun as ADF members observed other successful programs like the ADF dinner held on the night of 29th December @ Luton villa, ADF one-night-with-the-king, ADF mingle and numerous housewarming.

It was indeed a blessed and fulfilled year 2017 as ADF recorded NO pain nor loss of any member.
We give glory to God and pray for a successful 2018 for our members and for ADF.

Long live ADF!
Long live Awo-omamma!!
Kudos to ADF members!!!

Pharm. Chuka Amukamara