Awo-Omamma Development Forum, ADF, is a community-driven development and people empowerment pressure group, founded and dedicated to, achieving economic and political empowerment of the ancient town of Awo-Omamma, and collaborating for general development and empowerment of the entire Njaba/Orashi region and the people. In ADF, people, as key stakeholders in development and empowerment, brainstorm and drive the delivery of ideas and projects towards betterment of humanity typical of a democratic setting.

Awo-Omamma, known for its arable land, age-long palm oil trade and community development, is an agrarian and important economic town on the bank of the famous Njaba River.  The town is becoming famous for crude oil operations following the discovery, in 2009, of crude oil in OML 124 in the town and ongoing development of the Njaba wells by the international oil giant – Addax Petroleum.

With its large landmass and position on the bank of Njaba River, Awo-Omamma is suitable for any modern farming and fishing business as well as for power plants projects and manufacturing businesses. The continued operation of a world class brewing plant by the global brewer, Heineken through its subsidiary – Nigerian Breweries in Awo-Omamma, demonstrates indeed, that Awo-Omamma is business and investor friendly community despite its infrastructure challenges.