Improved Education

Quality education is the optimal trust of any civilization. ADF hopes to encourage quality education, reward deserving students, equip institutions of learning and attract investors who are keen to providing quality education. No wonder, the maiden edition of ADF Undergraduate Essay Competition received great sponsorship and wide publicity.

Economic Empowerment

Barely six months of its operation, ADF provided seed capital to 15 promising young Awo-omamma entrepreneurs through its Youth Empowerment Program(YEP). Currently, ADF is making collaborative efforts to fast-track infrastructural development and improve standard of in Awo-omamma. Awo-omamma is our home, we must improve conditions at home!!!

Socio-cultural Revitalization

ADF is presently making efforts to re-awaken the consciousness of Awo-omamma sons and daughters home and abroad to our rich socio-cultural heritage through sponsorship of festive events such as the Owu, Ekeleke, etc. The love that bonds a people is the consciousness of its unique cultural identity.

Awo-omamma: Our Home

Awo-omamma evolved from an agrarian community of palm produce to one of the most transcendent towns in Imo State, Nigeria. Our Awo-omamma is host to Nigerian Breweries world class plant, famous Palm Beach Village, Holy Ghost Novitiate owned by the Holy Ghost Order of the Roman Catholic Church, several Pharmaceutical Companies, First Bank of Nigeria branch, several education institutions and many SMEs. The International Red Cross Society and other voluntary missions found a great home in Awo-omamma during the Nigeria Civil War. Awo-omamma has an age long reputation as home for investors and strangers without any form of hostility.

Overview of ADF Vision

In line with our vision, ADF seeks to redefine standards of development enterprise and to celebrate enduring values in our communal living, in a rather unique and novel way. We wish to brainstorm on everything Awo, the history, the people, their strength and indeed their weakness. We hope to continue to do our best to grow with our people especially the younger ones and to build their capacities. We are ever ready to collaborate with government at all levels, patriotic public leaders, corporate agencies, investors, interest groups and well meaning individuals to sustain development and improve standard of living in Awo-omamma.


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